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My friend Peter made an awesome Portal song; I voiced Wheatley and the Turrets in it, check it out! ;)

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thedetectiverobotchicken asked: What's the program that you used to animate before you used SFM?

3DS Max 14. I still use it from time to time when SFM cannot achieve certain effects. ;)

For example, ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ was made 100% in Max, and the ‘deep in my code’ shot from ‘Defective’ was a Max render. =)

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I just listened to the first Chapter of the Blue Sky Podfic and I literally have no words. Good grief guys it sounds incredible…like extremely professional! I was blown away. EPIC! Wow! I mean everything was amazing: music, sound editing, voice work (BTW…

I’m so glad it was everything you imagined! It was a lot of fun to work on! That reminds me…I need to record some more Wheatley stuff right now… ;)

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New video! What does Chell say? ;)

Video 27 Mar 221 notes

New Portal music-video! ‘Defective’! ;)

Photo 20 Mar 66 notes Hard at work, finishing off the new video. Hopefully out next week! =)

Hard at work, finishing off the new video. Hopefully out next week! =)

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New Portal Music-Video coming very soon! Stay tuned…… ^_^

Text 9 Mar 164 notes The Wheatley Parable

So, The Stanley Parable creators want me to finish a certain voice pack so they can put it in the game. O_O

Time to get recording…

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canadianfairy asked: What programs do you use for your graphics? THEY ARE SO AWESOME & I'M JUST SO JEALOUS ;__;

Source Filmmaker - Animation, Rendering, Scenebuilds


Autodesk 3DS Max 14 - Animation, Rendering, Modelling

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - Editing, Colour-Grading, Compositing, Final Export

Adobe After Effects CS6 - Editing, Lens-Flares, Masking, Other VFX

Adobe Audition CS6 - Sound-Recording, Sound-Editing, Sound-Effects

Propellerhead Reason 5 - Music Production, Sound-Effects

IpiSoft Recorder - Motion-Capture Recording

IpiSoft Mocap Studio 2 - Motion-Capture Tracking / Cleanup / Export

Video 25 Feb 236 notes

New video! Portal Flappy Bird parody! ;)

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