Video 12 Sep 39 notes

Hahaha, a friend made a tiny animation of my really old G-Man recording. =D

Video 24 Aug 27 notes

Edited together some of the footage from our trip to Seattle! ;)

Link 23 Aug 17 notes New Music!»

Made a new bit of music. Might use it in an animation soon. ;)

Photo 21 Aug 123 notes Meet The Cores 2 is going well! Expect it rather soon. ;)

Meet The Cores 2 is going well! Expect it rather soon. ;)

Video 14 Aug 64 notes

The video of our trip to Valve’s offices in Bellevue! =)

Photo 8 Aug 183 notes Ratman?


Photo 29 Jul 158 notes Saxxy progress! ;)

Saxxy progress! ;)

Text 25 Jul 17 notes Saxxies!

The new Saxxy Competition has been announced! September 24th is the deadline, so I’ll be working on a little something (or multiple little somethings) for that over the coming weeks. ;)

Link 22 Jul 22 notes Aperture Tag Soundtrack - Free Track!»

Just been informed that one of the tracks in missing from the Aperture Tag Soundtrack release, so I put it up for free download. =)

Video 20 Jul 119 notes

Recorded a playthrough of Aperture Tag for anyone who was unable to play it. ;)

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